Key Features:

Nitrogen - Advertising Funding System:

  • Empowers businesses with affordable advertising solutions. Investors receive a share of profits from sales, fostering a supportive community.
  • Drives growth for retail shops and businesses.
  • Connects retailers with investors for marketing campaign funding.
  • Stimulates economic growth within local economies.
  • Carbon - Secure Tracking Utility:

  • Utilizes QR code integration and blockchain for real-time and immutable product tracking.

  • Boosts transparency and accountability: Every step of the product journey's recorded on the blockchain.
  • Oxygen - Pool System and Tokenomics:

    Breathes New life into retail:

  • Establishing Liquidity Bootstrapping, Constant and hybrid pools.
  • Introduces a tokenized funding model.

  • Attracting diverse investors to fuel business growth.
  • Provides liquidity and Tradeability.
  • Ensures accessibility on decentralized exchanges.
  • Fosters business growth and sustainability.
  • CNO Marketplace

    Hub for Retail Excellence:

  • Serving as a hub for retail businesses.
  • Facilitates seamless product showcasing and sales within the blockchain.

  • Decentralized Commerce Ecosystem:
  • Utilizes blockchain technology for secure and transparent transactions.
  • Enhances trust, accountability, and efficiency in retail operations.
  • Mission

    Reshaping the Financial Landscape for Retail Businesses. Offering stability and growth, Ushering in a Future where Innovation, Transparency, and Financial Inclusivity Converge.
    "Join us in shaping this transformative journey."

    Oxygen: Fueling business growth with dynamic pools and tokenized funding.

    Nitrogen: Empowering businesses with innovative advertising funding solutions

    Carbon: Ensuring supply chain integrity through QR, Blockchain code tracking

    Meet the Founders

    Nikos Christopoulos

    Co-Founder & Business Development

    Leo Benakis

    Co-Founder & Marketing